Online Learning Fellows Program

The Online Learning Fellows (OLF) Program trains faculty to develop immersive, interactive and approved online courses. 

Instructional designers from the Office of Online Learning will work with a small group of faculty to generate specific deliverables over the course of a semester. Deliverables may include course sustainability, course consistency, course scalability, countiuous quality improvement and a rewarding experience for the students. Faculty participants have access to the Office of Online Learning’s expert instructional designers, multimedia team and university-approved online development tools, ensuring your course will fulfill compliance, accessibility and e-suffix standards.

Online Learning Faculty Workshops

Four different workshops are offered multiple times throughout the year for faculty members who want to create new online courses. In order to accommodate the busy schedules of our faculty while supporting their interest in developing new online courses, the workshops have been designed so they do not have to be taken in any specific order.  Workshop topics include ​”Designing & Teaching Your Online Course,” “Building Your Online Course,” “Introduction to Quality Matters” and “Engaging Students in Online Courses.”

Quality Matters Training & Certification

The Office of Online Learning strongly encourages academic homes to leverage the nationally recognized Quality Matters Rubric as the standard for the review of the design of their online courses. To help incentivize academic homes in help academic homes adopt the QM standard, the Office of Online Learning has established a sequence of initiatives that will:

  1. Train faculty to use the QM rubric in the design of their course and the review of others courses.

  2. Become certified to conduct QM reviews of courses.

  3. Provide an incentive to conduct course reviews once certified to be a reviewer.