Rigor of the UGA Online BBA Program Exceeds Student Wallace Moneyhun’s Expectations

Wallace Moneyhun has worked in the public sector for 15 years in various positions from community planning to grant writing and administration. Though Wallace found opportunities to progress his career, he felt his lack of a bachelor’s degree made promotions “a hard sell.” Wanting a path to swifter advancement, Wallace enrolled in on-campus courses, but found that the traditional daytime classes were incompatible with the demands of his job. 

To accommodate his work schedule and meet his goals, Wallace enrolled in UGA’s Online BBA program
With over a decade of work experience, Wallace viewed earning his Bachelor of Business Administration degree purely as a practical means to an end and believed he would have little to learn. However, he quickly realized the rigor of the courses and has already integrated new information and concepts from his classes into his work. “Financial Modeling greatly improved my ability to use Excel, and Principles of Management has helped me successfully navigate the human resources portion of my job,” Wallace said.

Wallace reports that time management can be one of the most challenging aspects of his life. He balances the demands of working full-time, raising a young daughter, and the Online BBA program by reserving time to study over lunch breaks or at his desk once the work day ends. With such a scheduled lifestyle and a “passion for nice watches,” it’s no surprise that Wallace plans to reward himself with a new timepiece upon graduation.