Online BBA Student Kayleigh Barnes is Excited to Pursue Her Dream Job After Earning Her Degree

Kayleigh Barnes was pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Georgia in 2006, but left to work in health care before she graduated. As she gained experience in the industry, Kayleigh realized she needed additional education to attain her dream job: a position where she will make decisions that help patients and simultaneously support the organization providing their care.

While searching for programs, Kayleigh was excited to discover UGA offered an online route to degree completion. “I finally had the option to finish where my journey started ten years ago and graduate from my dream school,” she said.

Today, Kayleigh works full-time at Northside Hospital and is enrolled in UGA’s Online BBA Program. After completing her business degree, she plans to pursue a nursing degree. Equipped with this education, Kayleigh will be prepared for a position as a hospital unit supervisor where she will handle the everyday business processes of the unit, such as overseeing the budget and providing human resource management, as well as providing hands-on clinical care when needed. Her medical knowledge will help her identify ways to optimize patient care and her business background will ensure she can carry out the improvements efficiently.

As a people-person who values relationships, Kayleigh has made meaningful connections with her classmates and enjoys meeting and studying with those who live nearby. “Together, we support and encourage each other to keep going,” she says. These academic supports, along with strong time management skills, mean that Kayleigh can find free time to enjoy at Lake Lanier with her friends and her black lab, Lily.

It is a long-standing tradition that students do not pass beneath UGA’s iconic Arch on the Athens campus until they have received their diploma. On the day of the graduation ceremony, many new graduates form a line to walk beneath the Arch in their cap and gown. When Kayleigh earns her business degree, she plans to mark the occasion by participating in this rite of passage.