Online BBA Student Kathryn Murray Reflects On Why Online Was The Best Choice For Her

When her career picked up speed and required a move out-of-state, Kathryn Murray transitioned from an on-campus student into the UGA Online BBA program offered by the Terry College of Business. She now works in the sales department at Calvin Klein in New York City and will complete her business degree in May 2017. With just one semester left, Kathryn reflects back on why she feels that enrolling in the Online BBA program was the best decision she could have made:

  • “I turned my changing circumstances into an opportunity for educational and professional success” she says. Kathryn plans to combine her business knowledge with her fashion industry experience to start her own brand or become a creative director.
  • Majoring in General Business means Kathryn’s diverse set of classes includes Marketing (her former major) and also encompasses Accounting, Finance, Economics and Risk Management among others. “I can confidently utilize this wide-ranging skillset in almost every business setting imaginable,” she says.
  • The extreme amount of flexibility in the Online BBA program allows Kathryn to adjust her course load each semester in response to the changing demands of her job. “I can confidently balance my job with my classes,” she says. “Also, I can study from anywhere with an internet connection, so I’ve worked in hotel rooms, on the beach and even on a sailboat!”
  • As a recipient of Georgia’s HOPE scholarship, Kathryn can apply her award to tuition. She adds, “ I hope to celebrate completing my degree by traveling to Europe using the money that I saved.”

Kathryn is proud of what she has accomplished thus far and is excited to see what is next in her professional life. “Circumstances change, your life course may alter, but this online program allows you to succeed,” Kathryn says. “I know that my degree will help me achieve any and all of the goals that I set for myself.”