Congratulations Online Graduates!

UGA Online congratulates the many University of Georgia students who celebrated a milestone this past week: graduation.

The University of Georgia commencement ceremony offered an opportunity for online students to celebrate the hard work of earning a degree in a way that differs from the typical on-campus classroom experience. Regardless of where you celebrated, however, we hope that all of our students got to experience the pride that comes from earning a University of Georgia education, degree, and alumni status.

Many of our online students have had to make sacrifices revolving around work, education or family life. However, no matter the sacrifices you have had to make in the past, as a graduate you now have one less thing on your plate!

Our programs, such as the relatively new online BBA, have provided and continue to provide full-time employees, military personnel and busy adults with the opportunity to earn a University of Georgia degree. BBA program coordinator Jessie Daniels encourages interested students to participate in the online program. “It won’t be a forever sacrifice,” she says, “but it will provide benefits for the long term.” Summer Hanson, a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines, just graduated from the online BBA program. “I can finish school while starting my career at the same time,” said Summer.

Students such as Kathryn Murray transitioned from an on-campus education into the online BBA program when her career required her to move to New York City. Kathryn was able to pursue both her career and her education through this program. She says, “I can confidently balance my job with my classes. Also, I can study from anywhere with an internet connection, so I’ve worked in hotel rooms, on the beach and even on a sailboat!”

Congratulations to all of the spring 2017 University of Georgia graduates, and, in particular, our UGA Online graduates. We can’t wait to see where you go from here!

The UGA Career Center is asking recent graduates to complete an online survey regarding their post-graduation plans. Please fill out the survey to be entered to win prizes!