Mary Frances Early College of Education Online Programs

Connect with your passion and enhance your career today! Whether you’re interested in learning the latest concepts in instructional design, educational psychology, or science education, our online degrees and certificates allow working professionals to boost their knowledge at a flexible pace.

These top-ranked programs are taught by dedicated faculty who are passionate about helping you succeed both in your program and professionally.



 B.S.Ed. in Special Education 

This undergraduate degree completion program certifies students to teach special education general curriculum for PreK-12 in Georgia.  

M.Ed. in Reading Education 

This program educates teachers in ways that advance their students as readers in the broadest sense from printed materials to digital multimedia environments.  

M.Ed. in Middle Grades Education

This program is centered on the education of young adolescents and is for applicants currently certified to teach children in middle grades (4-8) or for individuals interested in young adolescent education.

M.Ed. in Learning, Design, and Technology, Instructional Design and Development 

This program prepares professionals in education, military, healthcare, business, and other industries to become highly skilled instructional designers. 

M.Ed. in Science Education

This program focuses on teaching and learning the natural sciences at the secondary level (6-12) and is designed for teachers professionally certified in a secondary science field. 

M.Ed in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development

This program explores the impact of human cognitive, motivational, and developmental processes in education and practice. It is designed with a secondary area of focus in either learning with technology, learning across the lifespan, qualitative approaches to education, or development of high intellectual capability.

M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, Gifted and Creative Education

After completing the first four courses, students qualify for the Gifted In-Field Endorsement for the state of Georgia. Graduates assume a variety of roles including college professor, classroom teacher, coordinator of school system programs, coordinator in state departments of education, or educational consultant.

Ed.S. in Educational Psychology, Gifted and Creative Education

This program is based on the philosophy that giftedness and creativity are expressed in diverse ways among diverse people; that creativity is a universal potential to be nurtured and enhanced; and that the best education is tailored to students’ specific needs and interests for talent development.

Master of Learning, Leadership and Organization Development 

This program prepares students to lead learning and change to help individuals, teams, and organizations maximize their potential across multiple disciplines.

M.Ed. in Workforce Education

This degree provides graduates with expertise to guide student learning in career and technical education for both academic and industry settings. 



Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

This certificate qualifies you to teach ESOL in both U.S. and international contexts. Learn the latest theories, strategies, and practices related to second language and multilingual education.

Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies

This program is ideal for researchers and non-degree students who would like additional preparation in designing and conducting qualitative studies, and who may be called upon to teach qualitative research methods at their institutions.


This certificate provides current or prospective teachers, clinicians, and specialists with specific knowledge related to reading and language development, assessment, instruction, and remediation of reading disability.

eLearning Design

This certificate prepares you to design and deliver eLearning in any industry, from K-12 and higher education to professional development trainers in business, healthcare, military, and government.

Instructional Technology for Teaching

This certificate is designed to align with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s new certification for instructional technology. Students who earn this certificate will be eligible for Instructional Technology Certification from the GPSC.

Online Teaching and Learning

This certificate is ideal for people who are teaching or who hope to do so in the future, whether in P-12, higher education, or at the corporate level. 

Pre-Professional Speech Language Pathology

This certificate is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in another area who are now interested in pursuing graduate work in speech language pathology or for professionals or recent graduates who are seeking a career change.

Organizational Coaching

Organizational coaching is a desirable, complementary credential for students pursuing a graduate degree in adult learning, leadership, and organization development, as well as those in other fields who want to be a certified organization coach.



English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

This endorsement provides "add-on" certification to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) grades P-12 in Georgia public schools.

Reading Education

This endorsement, which can be added to any teaching certificate in Georgia, provides certified classroom teachers with focused immersion in the teaching of reading to enhance literacy instruction and practice.

Gifted In-Field Endorsement

Students who possess a professional certificate at the bachelor’s or higher certification level in any teaching field who complete this program qualify for the Gifted In-Field Endorsement in Georgia.