Before I went into higher education, I started as an elementary school teacher. I think that experience is vital for my students.

I know what it’s like in the classroom and what it takes to do great, high-quality qualitative research with those students. In today’s schools, research is needed more than ever to understand the underlying sociological implications.

One of the areas I’ve applied my research is the Teach for America program. While the program is designed to bring teachers into understaffed school districts, investigating the underlying values and norms of the program can bring some of its shortcomings to light. We need to be sure that such programs are actually producing the kind of results we want, and the only way to do that is with deep sociological analysis.

If we want education to be about fair and equitable access, we need to explore how society shapes educational resources. I believe I have a responsibility to help train pre- and in-service educators in cultivating the knowledge and skills to make good choices for our students.

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Kathleen deMarrais
College of Education
River's Crossing
Athens, GA
Ed.D. University of Cincinnati