Regulatory Affairs Fast Track Initiative for Georgia Institute of Technology BME Graduate Students

Regulatory Affairs (or Sciences) is an interdisciplinary profession within federally regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, biologics, medical devices and animal health products, that ensures an organization's compliance with all federal regulations and laws. If you are considering a career path in the healthcare industry, academia or government, it's important to be aware of regulatory issues regarding healthcare product development. 

The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy offers an online graduate certificate program in the area of BioPharma Regulatory Affairs, which consists of four courses of 14 credit hours total. The UGA Regulatory Affairs Fast Track Initiative utilizes the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education's Cross Registration Program offering access to courses not offered on your home campus. The Initiative allows Georgia Institute of Technology graduate students interested in biomedical industries to take courses in the UGA Regulatory Affairs Program expediting the application processes. 

This Regulatory Affairs Program addresses many FDA-regulated products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, combination products and animal health products. It provides a foundational core curriculum for individuals who wish to supplement their primarily discipline with education and application of regulatory affairs or transition into regulatory affairs positions. The UGA program plan is designed to cater to the schedules of busy professionals. It is delivered by Internet-based instruction, with occasional face-to-face sessions on the UGA Gwinnett Campus using evening or weekend formats. 

For more information about the RA Fast Track Initiative, visit the UGA College of Pharmacy website. For more information about the Graduate Certificate in BioPharma Regulatory Affairs, visit the UGA Office of Online Learning website.