UGA Online MFT Professor Involved With Innovative Research Center, FoodPIC

Tucked into a corner of the University of Georgia’s campus in Griffin, Georgia, FoodPIC is an innovative research center that could be a key component in bringing business and industry to the state.

UGA online professor Dr. Koushik Adhikari is preparing to teach a food product development class for the Master of Food Technology program for the first time and has been working with FoodPIC for the past two years. Dr. Adhikari helps to provide sensory analysis support for FoodPIC when needed. 

The FoodPIC, which will soon occupy a new 14,500-square-foot facility in Griffin, assists companies in developing new food products efficiently and economically. The center was initiated by faculty in the Department of Food Science and Technology, part of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

"FoodPIC helps small to medium food companies with their product development needs," Dr. Adhikari explains.

The innovative facility is developing products like nut milks, hot sauces and meat rubs.  Faculty members also are exploring blueberry wine and carbonated yogurt, and studying the shelf-life of these and other novel food products. 

This article was modified from the original story that can be found on the University of Georgia website.