Former Football Player Has New Game Plan to Finish His Business Degree

Rennie Curran is recognizable to many people in many ways. College and professional football player. Public speaker and author. Business owner and entrepreneur. He’s also a first-generation American – the son of Liberian immigrants – as well as the proud father of his 8-year-old daughter.
But there is one more title Rennie is eager to add to his personal story: college graduate. And soon he will, when Rennie completes his bachelor’s degree through the UGA Online BBA Program.
“I attended the University of Georgia from 2007-2009, played football, and left early to pursue my career in the NFL,” Rennie says. “I always planned on returning and finishing my business degree.”
He was motivated to finish his education because of the example set by his parents.
“The way that they were able to come to America and create a better life for me and my siblings was through education,” he says.
After his NFL career, distance from Athens and competing demands on his time made completing his degree – even as a part-time student – very difficult to manage.
“Once I heard about the Online BBA Program, it gave me hope that I could finish my degree,” he says.

Rennie’s life still moves in many directions, but the flexibility of the program and the self-discipline he learned as a college athlete helps him juggle his priorities and work toward his goals.
“It's not easy,” he says, “but I just focus on winning one day at a time.

“I believe it is important to complete my degree not only for myself, but for what it will represent to those I have the opportunity to influence. I am fortunate to have that platform as a professional athlete and with that comes the obligation to serve as a role model for the next generation.”