Online BBA Program Growing and Graduating Its First Students

While working full time at a non-profit start-up company, Nyaboke Machini developed a newfound interest in project management and consulting. In order to help her fulfill these career goals, Machini enrolled in the University of Georgia’s online BBA program and was among the program’s first graduates.

Offered through the Terry College of Business, UGA’s online Bachelor of Business Administration degree is designed for individuals who are looking to gain the managerial and analytical skills needed to succeed in the business world.

The online format gave Machini the flexibility she needed while she juggled her job, social life, and many family commitments. Machini gives this advice to current and future students: “The best thing I did was use my Google Calendar! I organized my life and work schedules to find the times I could focus on school.” She now uses her new business acumen to help shape the future of promising young entrepreneurs through GivingPoint, the non-profit company she currently works for.

The online BBA program is relatively new, having been implemented for students in the spring of 2015. The program operates on a cohort model, admitting about 40 students each fall, spring and summer semester. Nearly 100 students, ages ranging from 22 to 70, are currently enrolled in classes. The typical student will complete two courses each semester and graduate in three years. So far, the program has graduated 4 students, with 8 scheduled to graduate this year.

“I really like how flexible the program is,” says current student, Summer Hanson. Hanson works as a flight attendendant for Delta Airlines and plans to complete her general business degree this year while staying up in the air. “It’s great because I’m able to do what I love now, while getting my degree, which is fun.”

The program provides full-time employees, military personnel, and busy adults with a flexible schedule and the opportunity to learn from the same, respected faculty who teach general business classes on campus. “If you want to be an entrepreneur or be versatile in the job market, then a general business degree is a great way to go,” says Jessie Daniels, the program coordinator.

Online information webinars for those interested in the online BBA program are held regularly, and more information can be found on its degree page.

Adapted from an article by Terry College of Business.