Online BBA Student Tyler Nowicki Successfully Balances Classes, His Job, Travel & A New Marriage

2016 was a busy year for Tyler Nowicki. He got married, started his new job at a local non-profit and began the Online BBA program.

The adventures didn’t stop there. “During the course of this program, I have served with an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, backpacked through Cambodia and traveled with my wife to Aruba,” Tyler says. The program’s flexibility made these professional and personal experiences possible.

The former on-campus student adds, “I have also been able to pursue more responsibility and greater leadership roles at work as well as participate in events and conferences. I would not have had these professional development opportunities if I had remained a traditional student.”

For Tyler, the best strategy to successfully balance his courses, new marriage, international travel and professional ambitions is staying ahead. “There is nothing more frustrating than having plans come up with family, friends, or work and needing to decline because of school. Staying ahead in my courses gives me the ability to be available when things arise,” he says.

Tyler accomplishes this by combining work and school calendars into one document to stay on top of deadlines and test dates. He also designates time for coursework (similar to having a specific time when you would go to an on-campus class). Tyler also benefits from the program’s structure. “I appreciate the two consecutive eight-week classes per semester. It allows me to focus all my energy on one course at a time instead of several,” he says.

With the Online BBA program, and some strategic planning, Tyler is completing his undergraduate education, enjoying intrepid international experiences and advancing his professional goals.