UGA Receives Recognition As Military Friendly Online University

Online education at the University of Georgia has recently received distinguished recognition as a military friendly online university, adding to its extensive list of recognitions for being a military friendly institution. The designation was received from SR Education Group, a leading education research publisher, which releases a list of military-friendly schools annually. The University of Georgia was among the 70 listed schools that met SR Education Group’s criteria for military-friendly online schools, with a score of 83.91 out of 100.

In order to be eligible for the ranking, schools must first offer at least 10 online degrees to potential students. Each college was then evaluated on criteria such as military culture, online support, flexibility, and financial assistance. The scores were based on data from KMI Media’s annual Military Advanced Education & Transition (MAE&T) survey of schools. Of the over 400 schools that KMI Media surveyed, 70 made SR Education Group’s list; each school listed has a score of greater than 65.

Annual tuition is also included on this ranking list. Costs were manually researched and offer the out-of-state tuition of a degree. UGA is indicated as a school that is approved to participate in the Tuition Assistance program offered by the US Department of Defense.