Future Entrepreneur Prepares to Pursue his Dream

As a General Business major in the University of Georgia’s Online BBA program, Victor Olufosoye benefits from a broad spectrum of classes. A solid understanding of the many facets of business will help him reach his long term goal of starting his own mobile app business focused on developing platforms for the financial technology industry.

Taught by expert faculty in the Terry College of Business, Victor’s courses give him valuable insight into many functions including accounting, management and marketing. He found his course in Consumer Buyer Behavior (MARK 4100E) to be essential for making his future venture a success. Victor says, “I gained tremendous marketing knowledge. I now understand how to build a brand, develop marketing strategies, and identify marketing tools that will help my own business thrive.” He also notes this class taught him the value of digital marketing channels like email and social media over traditional marketing via television commercials, brochures and other print media.

Until he is ready to embark on his start-up, Victor works as a SQL Server Database Administrator. Victor now feels empowered to bridge the gap between his IT duties and the business goals of the firm where he works. He says, “I’ve been able to tap into the skills gained from my studies to find a creative approach to solving some of the company’s problems. I also gained the ability to recommend new standard policies within the Database Administrators team.” By incorporating his technical experience and new business knowledge into the organization’s critical operations, he contributes more to the company’s bottom line, and thus, is poised to advance in his current career.

Victor wanted to complete his degree from the University of Georgia because of its exceptional academic reputation. Online courses allow him to meet this goal while living 90 minutes from the Athens campus and working more than 40 hours a week. Victor can learn on his own timetable while still pursuing this committed work schedule and finding time to spend with his wife and children.

While a cross-functional education helps Victor collaborate with his current colleagues, as an entrepreneur, he will need a well-rounded view of all aspects of an enterprise to build a scalable company. With his new knowledge, Victor feels prepared to take on the business world.