Kyle Ray Bets on UGA

Since enrolling in the Online BBA program offered by the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business, Kyle Ray has been exposed to new concepts and fields within the business world. “Before taking the Online BBA program's fundamental courses, it would have been easy for me to overestimate my business knowledge. My education has been a humbling reminder of how much I still have to learn,” he says.

Kyle continues, “I want to make a meaningful impact in other people’s lives.” This desire, and his success in courses such as finance and risk management, have fueled his interest in financial planning. Kyle’s risk management courses also inspired him to read his own insurance policies and invest in more coverage. “My new knowledge has helped me personally, and I plan to put it to use professionally to help others manage their own financial risk,” he says.

Although returning to school as a nontraditional student can be daunting, Kyle’s effort and focus made his transition a smooth one. “It’s a small thing now, but after a long hiatus from classes, scoring 100% on my first quiz was a huge deal to me.” Kyle’s current GPA is better than it was during his original years at the University of Georgia.

Kyle chose to re-enroll at Georgia because of the university’s reputation and the feasibility of finishing his degree from abroad. He is now nearing graduation and has certainly been able to adapt his education to his fluid lifestyle. “I’ve taken tests in Mexico, Vegas, and Chattanooga,” he says.