Krystal Lokkesmoe Makes Connections Between the Business and Health Spheres

After several years thriving as a project manager and public health consultant in Atlanta, Georgia, Krystal knew that she needed to complete her degree to take the next step in her career. While the thought of uprooting her life and career was daunting, Krystal knew the benefits of returning to higher education were worth the change. Fortunately, Krystal found University of Georgia's online BBA which offered her the flexibility to maintain her current job and lifestyle, while additionally providing an opportunity to meet her educational goals.  

Getting a degree from the Terry College of Business was a “happy accident” that ended up being the perfect fit for Krystal’s career and educational goals. Before entering the program Krystal was unaware of the “amount of overlap between public health and business, including data analysis and evaluation, social marketing, and project planning/implementation/evaluation.” However, the foundation this program provided allowed her to build her skills as a consultant. She is even considering continuing her education by pursuing a master's degree and potentially transitioning into the field of change management.

As with most online Bachelor of Business Administration students, Krystal agrees that the flexibility of this program has been a major highlight of going back to school. She’s traveled all over the country and visited four other countries, all the while taking business courses online. The autonomy over her school schedule is amazing, she says, but it came with a learning curve: “I realized early on that in order to perform well in this program and at work, I had very little room for procrastination.” Krystal has been able to stay on top of her work and meet her degree goals with the support of her proud parents and siblings.

“I always planned to return,” says Krystal. “I knew that it would not only be incredibly beneficial professionally, but personally gratifying as well to reach a goal that I knew I was more than capable of achieving.” Krystal is finishing her last semester in the online BBA program and plans to graduate this fall.