UGA and FDA help prepare medical device regulators for massive shifts in regulations

The 5th Annual Medical Device Regulations Conference held at the UGA Gwinnett Campus just outside of Atlanta, addressed massive shifts currently facing regulatory science professionals such as the new MDR and its global implications. Cosponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration and the University of Georgia’s International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences, last month’s conference provided the educational and network connections that regulators will need to stay abreast and nimble in the quality assurance and regulatory affairs industry.

David Mullis, Ph.D, associate professor in the online Master of Science in Pharmacy, International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences program and director of the College of Pharmacy’s International and Biomedical Regulatory Sciences and Clinical Trials Programs, was heavily involved in conference planning. “The conference and workshop topics were very timely, and the speakers did a great job of presenting some very challenging but essential information about the ever-changing regulatory environment,” he remarked.

This year’s conference was a great success, with over 60 regulatory affairs professionals in attendance. As a result of its growth over the years, the Medical Device Regulations Conference was moved closer to Atlanta from its original location in Athens. The pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory affairs industry in Atlanta has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and as such, the new conference location made the conference more convenient for industry professionals interested in attending.

Presenters included officials from the Food and Drug Administration, leaders from the healthcare industry, and other regulatory affairs experts.

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