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An online UGA degree is a UGA degree

UGA’s online offerings reflect the same quality UGA’s residential offerings are known for. The online offerings maintain comparable standards for excellence as their traditional high quality face-to-face classes.

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UGA has a growing number of fully online graduate degrees, certificates and undergraduate programs. Current offerings include Education, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine, and new programs are under development.

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Online Learning Myths Dispelled

1. Online degrees don't carry the same respect

The bottom line is employers value online degrees every bit as much as a degrees earned in a traditional setting. In fact, many business leaders believe that individuals who pursue additional education or degrees while effectively balancing job and family responsibilities showcase the intangible qualities they look for in leaders.

2. Online degrees/courses are easy and don't take as much time

Pursuing a degree online is just as rigorous as doing so in an in-person classroom environment. Online courses have assignment deadlines, mandatory participation requirements and require the same time commitment.

A Teacher Mentorship Leads to an Online M.Ed.

    Lindsey Horton and Sabrina Willis met in Willis’s classroom through a teacher mentorship program as Lindsey was finishing up her B.S. in English Education at UGA.  Willis loved to mentor Horton because of her enthusiasm for teaching kids. Lindsey was doing so well that “by the end of the semester, it was really more of a co-teach thing.” said Sabrina.

UGA Online Ranked 5th Best Online School by BestColleges.com

BestCollleges.com ranks colleges every year and in 2014, UGA Online made the top 10, ranking 5th. The website searches through 7,684 different schools to determine their rankings. Acceptance rate, enrollment rate, retention rate and graduation rate were all taken into consideration when compiling the list. The university of Georgia has an exceptionally high retention rate and graduation rate of 94% and 83%, respectively.

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Brant Thomason, M.Ed. in Adult Education ‘12

Brant Thomason earned both a bachelors a masters degree, taught history at both the high school and college level for 16 years, and served in the Army National Guard. But in order to keep up with innovative teaching approaches and emerging technologies, Brant returned to school to earn a Master in Adult Education online from the University of Georgia.

UGA launches Online Master of Internet Technology (MIT) degree


Working professionals now have an opportunity to upgrade their business and digital skills thanks to a fully online Master of Internet Technology offered through UGA’s Terry College of Business. Starting Fall 2014, this two year program will prepare students to lead teams in their workplace with the latest technological skills. 

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