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First Annual IDD@UGA Conference Highlights

    This past week, UGA hosted IDD@UGA at UGA’s Gwinnett campus, the first of an annual conference showcasing innovative instructional design and serving as a new student orientation.   “There was such a wonderful energy in the air at the IDD@UGA conference. It seemed that everyone was bringing the best of themselves to the event, from the organizers to the keynote speakers, from the individual participants to the concurrent session presenters and panelists. And, as far as I've been able to tell, no one went away disappointed.” said Dr.

UGA BioPharma Certificate Available to Georgia Tech Students

Georgia Institute of Technology  and The University of Georgia have partnered to offer a BioPharma Regulatory Affairs Certificate. The certificate is available to current Georgia Tech students who would like to gain a competitive advantage by adding a certificate while they work on their Biomedical Engineering degree. The certificate is beneficial, not only on a resume, but it also teaches students about the regulatory issues in healthcare product development that affect every aspect of the product lifestyle. The UGA BioPharma program is unique in that it is the only program in the country that covers both the medical and veterinary industry. Georgia Tech students are able to enroll in this program as part of the UGA RA Fast Track Initiative.

UGA Makes List of Public Ivy Schools

The University of Georgia once again made the list of “Public Ivy Schools” by Education Quest. “The major point is that a Public Ivy must not only attract and retain excellent students; it must also educate them for significantly less than those students would pay to attend an Ivy League school.”, says Education Quest. Only 28 schools met the qualifications to be categorized a Public Ivy and UGA students and Alumni know that the spot is well deserved.

For more information, visit the Education Quest website

“Go Back, Move Ahead” Plan Makes Returning to College Easier for Georgia Residents

The “Go Back, Move Ahead” campaign will affect working age adults living in Georgia who have completed some college, but have not earned a degree, which is 1.1 million people. It will not pay for college, but it will make the process a lot simpler. The more simplified process will affect enrollment, transfer credits and a personal academic advisor. It also encourages using online options for better flexibility with working adults.  It is estimated that by the year 2020, more than 60 percent of jobs in Georgia will require a college degree or certificate to even be competitive, while currently, only about 42 percent of Georgia’s young adults have completed their education.

Exceeding Expectations

Maima Chea, a 2014 graduate of the online Reading Education Masters program at UGA, has been able to take what she has learned from her classes and use it in her own classroom. In addition to the information she gained from her professors, she also learned from the students in her cohort. “Many of the people in my class are teachers, and we all teach different programs – and some teach in other states – so I get a chance to hear from people near and far,” she said. “That’s what really drew me to the online program – I get the flexibility of communication and the rigor UGA is known for. This has exceeded my expectations regarding what I expected to learn in my master’s program.”