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MFA Professor Will Speak at UGA Chapel

One of the professors for the Low Residency Master of Fine Arts in Narrative Media Writing program, John T. Edge, will be giving a lecture Thursday February 26th. The lecture will be in the Chapel on North Campus and it is open to the public. His lecture, called “Grits, Greens and Gochujang: The Emergence of a Newer Southern Cuisine”, is presented in partnership with the University of Georgia press and is part of the Wilson Center’s Global Georgia Initiative.

Online Special Education Professor Earns Recognition in Community and State

Dr. Allison Nealy, a professor in the Bachelor of Science in Special Education online program, has been earning a lot of praise lately.  She was a nominee for the first Board of Regent’s Excellence in Online Teaching Award.  Every year, the Board of Regent’s at the University of Georgia select professors from several universities in the state. She was the representative for UGA.

Student Loans for Online Learners

Student loans are a great option to help fund an online degree. They are not limited to students pursuing a traditional education, and online students can use loans to their advantage with the right strategy. US News and World Report shares some helpful advice for online student loans. They advise that you make sure you qualify for federal financial aid, because there can be restrictions. They also say that you should check on the accreditation for your school to apply for private aid. Another piece of advice they offer is to check on your school resources.

How to Negotiate for Tuition Assistance with Your Employer

Many companies offer tuition assistance to employees who are pursuing an online education. Negotiating with your boss for tuition assistance can be tricky, but shared some helpful advice.

1. Lobby For Tuition Assistance.  Consider how your degree will benefit your employer. Be sure to mention that your degree will help the company, not just yourself.

2. Think Like Your Employer.  Make it clear that a new degree does not mean you want to leave your current job.  Also, the flexibility of online classes means that your performance will not take a hit.

Tips for Online Group Projects

Working in groups can be fun and educational, but it does not come without challenges. Even though online students do not see each other in person, they still work together online. Several UGA online professors assign group projects as a way for students to collaborate and learn from each other. US News and World Report shared their advice for working in group projects in online classes.

1. Create a plan: Once you have the assignment, lay out who will do what. It can also help to set up a timeline.

2. Communicate in a way that can be monitored: Communicating over email. or other forms of communication that have some sort of record are ideal for group projects so the right person can be held accountable if something goes wrong.