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UGA has a growing number of fully online graduate degrees, certificates and undergraduate programs. Current offerings include Education, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine, and new programs are under development.

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Master of Music Education Program Starts Online This Summer

The University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music will offer its first online program this summer. The Master of Music Education online degree program is already taking applications. Director of the Hodgson School, Dale Monson said "Offering an online degree will open the doors of opportunity to those otherwise unable to complete their post-graduate studies."  The program is designed with current music educators in mind who would like the option to keep teaching while they are taking classes. More information on the curriculum can be found on the Master of Music Education program page.

UGA Students Can Use for More Online Learning

All University of Georgia students have access to the online training site, lynda. Lynda has over a thousand videos that teach everything from coding, to business skills. Any online students are encouraged to take advantage of this resource during their time at UGA. Dr. Lloyd Rieber, Professor in the Online Master of Education in Learning, Design, and Technology program, says that “I think this is going to be one of the most popular resources for anyone who wants to learn new skills and technology”. He even uses the videos in his lesson plan, and to refresh his own skills.

One Online Student Spends Time in Classrooms, But Not as a Student!

Online Bachelor of Science in Special Education student, Nancy Kimbrell, still spends a lot of time in a classroom.  Kimbrell might not be taking classes on campus, but she is a full time employee with Gwinnett County School Systems and she is also student teaching. She says “I like being able to use what I have learned. I like learning from the teacher that I am working with and seeing how she does things. I love the students.” Her teaching skills have already been recognized through a scholarship she was awarded this semester for student teaching and for women pioneers in teaching.

How to Stay Motivated for the Rest of the Semester.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed at this point in the semester, but Georgia On My Line has shared some tips to help online students stay motivated!

1) “Create a support team” Connecting with your classmates can help everyone stay on track! It can also be very helpful to ask classmates for feedback on papers or projects. It is a great way to get help and make friends.

2) “Find an online tutor” A tutor can give you insight that another classmate might not be able to. Online UGA students can find out how to get a tutor on the UGA tutoring website.

What Do Employers Think of an Online Master’s in Education?

US News and World Report investigated what employers really think of an applicant with an online Master of Education and they found that as long as the degree is accredited for the state, employers are impressed! It also said that employers will look at the reputation of the university before they consider if the courses were taken online or not. Most employers will not turn down an applicant because they received their degree online. To read the full article, visit the US News and World Report website.