New Mom Keeps School at the Top of her Priority List

Maddi Buchanan is determined to get her bachelor’s degree. When she didn’t want to put her life on hold in order to attend on-campus classes, she enrolled in the University of Georgia Online BBA program. Since then, Maddi has been able to work towards her degree while getting married, moving out of state and having her first child.

While balancing these changes is not easy, school remains at the top of her priority list.

The program’s schedule allows Maddi to balance her parenting responsibilities and academic coursework. “As the mother of an infant, flexibility is key to my success. I take advantage of all the quiet time I can get,” she says. “Whether that means studying at the kitchen table during my son’s nap time, or heading to the local library once my husband gets home in the evening.” Maddi adds, “On the really busy days, I read and watch class videos with my son in a way that entertains him and allows me to get some work done.”

Maddi knows that a degree from UGA’s Terry College of Business will be valued by employers and give her numerous professional opportunities. “I feel well-equipped and well-educated, and I will be ready to jump right into a career in any number of fields in the business world,” she says.

By completing her degree, Maddi hopes to set an example for her younger sister, who is currently an undergraduate, and for her new son. “I want to show them the value of perseverance and of education.”