Courses and degrees are offered online at the University of Georgia to provide an opportunity for more people to pursue a quality education from the most respected higher education institution and educators in the state of Georgia.

Online class sizes are limited to help achieve the goal of quality over quantity. Our standards are high for our university and for our students because we believe that higher standards lead to higher rewards. Online courses taught at UGA are academically rigorous both online and in-person because you deserve to be well prepared for your future.

The Online Classroom

Your online classroom is in a learning management system (LMS) that UGA uses as the primary software for delivering distance education. Faculty have the flexibility to utilize additional online learning tools to help make learning engaging, interactive, and to provide an enriched online learning experience for students. Get an overview of UGA's learning management system, e-Learning Commons (eLC),  in this brief video to learn how to access and interact with course content.


An introduction to eLC, your online classroom.

Tips for Success

You need the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, and taking online classes allows you to work toward your goals at your own pace. But online learning is no easier than campus learning. It requires self-discipline, time management skills and the ability to learn independently. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your online learning experience.


Familiarize yourself with the course technology and confirm the technical requirements well before your first assignment is due.

Connect with your Instructor

Don't be afraid to reach out for help from your instructor early, but do take the time to do your own research and problem solving first.

Self-discipline and Organization

How do you schedule your time wisely and stay on top of your online coursework? It's easier said than done and will require self-discipline and organization.

  • Ask the faculty how much time you may need to dedicate to each course and schedule that time on your calendar.
  • Be organized from the very beginning.
  • Check into the online course daily to look for new notifications or posts.
  • Use tools like a calendar and reminders to help you stay on track.

Online Faculty

Your educational success depends on distinguished faculty dedicated to teaching excellence. Faculty at UGA are passionate about their areas of expertise and equally passionate about sharing their expertise with the talented students that they serve. Meet the Faculty.

"We take our responsibility very seriously to be sure our students receive a sound educational experience.” UGA President Jere Morehead

Faculty talk about teaching online.

Online Learning Contacts

You don't have to be on campus to find help at the University of Georgia. Here is a list of contacts to help you navigate through your educational journey at UGA.

Office of Online Learning
Email Phone 1 (844) 842-3294

Financial Aid
Email Phone 1 (706) 542-6147

Graduate Admissions
Email  Phone (706) 542-1739

Undergrad Admissions
Email Phone 1 (706) 542-8776

Military and Veteran Support
Email Phone 1 (706) 542-7872

State Authorization and Online Student Support Services
Email Phone 1 (844) 842-3294

Bursar's Office (Student Accounts)
Email Phone 1 (706) 542-2965

Registrar's Office (Student Registration & Academic Records)
Email Phone 1 (706) 542-4040