Are You Taking Advantage of Student Discounts?

There are many aspects of a traditional student’s experience that fall between the cracks when applied to an online student’s experience. One of those things is student discounts. Something you may not realize as a non-traditional student is that you are a student of the University of Georgia, so you are eligible for the same discounts as any traditional student would receive. From retailers to movie theatres to auto insurance companies, there are hundreds of discounts that you can take advantage of as a student.

Many times, you’ll need to show proof in the form of an identification card. Since you probably don’t have time to come up to Athens and get your picture taken to be put on a bright red UGA ID card, you’re probably wondering how that’s possible. But, we’ve got you covered. Since a UGA ID is a state-issued ID, you cannot have your picture on the card unless you are able to make it up for an in-person photo session, but you can order a photo-less ID online, using the code UGAOL2105 if prompted for one.

While there are numerous other student discounts offered by various companies, here are a few of the more popular and outstanding ones. Always remember that these things may vary from college to college and to check with specific retailers for any discounts they may offer.

Adobe Creative Cloud: 68% off on Creative Cloud and discounts on other software.
Amazon Student: Students receive 50% off Amazon's Prime serice which includes streaming video and unlimited two-day shipping. 

Apple: Students and educators receive 5% off most purchases and up to $200 on a new Mac or iPad. Learn more about Apple's student discounts.
Cell phone providers such as Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless may offer student discounts to eligible students. 
J. Crew: Offers 15% off when shopping in-store.
Insurance companies such as Allstate, GEICO, State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, and Nationwide Insurance all offer various student discounts. 
Lenovo: Has an Academic Purchase Program that offers discounts, which vary based on your school. 
Penske: Offers 10% off all truck rentals for students, plus an additional 10% if you book your one-way rental online. 
Regal Cinemas: Depending on the local theater, some offer student discounts. Check to see if they offer the discount. 
Sam's Club: Student discounts vary by location, but there is a Sam's Club Collegiate Membership and you can receive a $15 gift card with it. 
Spotify: Receive 50% off Spotify Premium. 

Again, these are just a small slice of the discounts form restaurants, bars, theaters, electronics companies, insurance companies and other retailers that you may receive due to your student status. Check with companies for discounts before purchasing things, because sometimes the most obscure companies, for instance, offer student discounts. And order a UGA ID card easily online