“My teaching is focused on inspiring students to achieve both individual and common goals in my online classroom environment. I am committed to bringing effective teaching and learning with innovation to my online classroom and providing the opportunity for students to become the best future leaders for our community.”

I believe that food has always had an emotional connection with people in our society. That’s one of the most intriguing parts of my research field is I have to eat my discoveries and feel good about them. I see the future of history repeating itself with human society going back to nature. We are constantly asking for natural food with minimum processing and the best in quality.

My research focuses on three major areas: the role of bioactive compounds in health and human wellness, emerging trends in product development from sustainable sources and the biological effects of oxidized lipids and proteins on human health.

As I work on my own goals, I focus my teaching around inspiring my students to do the same. I believe that all students are unique in their own ways and have something special to bring to their own education. All I ask for is a sincere effort to assimilate information through online learning. I want them to know that technology is an opportunity and that learning is an effort that they have to make for their academic success.

I am a student-centered faculty member and I would like to build a student-teacher connection with all of my students. I want them to gain one of the best learning experiences from my class and be a successful food scientist.


Anand Mohan
Department of Food Science and Technology