My students understand how the world works and understand that in the nonprofit world, your day-to-day changes every month, every week, and even every day. They get to understand this because I show them my reality each day I enter the classroom.

I am the executive director of Project Safe, a local non-profit organization that offers services from short-term crisis counseling to long-term support through housing programs. In my role, I have the opportunity to help countless domestic violence victims and find some safety and normalcy in their lives.

The challenge with teaching social work and nonprofit management is that while some things work great in theory, they don’t always work as well when put into action. This is the challenge I want to bestow my students, I want them to think in a new light about the practices and studies that we do in class, and I want to share my experiences with them in hopes that it can make them understand what we do can change at any given moment.

Joan Prittie, J.D.
School of Social Work
Athens, GA 30605
  • Juris Doctor, University of Georgia, 1993
  • BA International Studies, Bradley University, 1990
School of Social Work