I encourage my students to develop a reflective practice as researchers, and in my own research I have looked at ways to think about how qualitative research is conducted.

To get to that work, I study qualitative research methodology, including ethnomethodological and conversation analytic approaches to research, and the study of topics in music education.

My career started in a music classroom in Queensland, Australia, though I eventually moved from the elementary school to higher education. The study of qualitative research methodology is a rapidly expanding field. Researchers have a vast array of tools with which to take a deeper look at practical, methodological and theoretical problems. I use ethnomethodology and conversation analysis as tools to do close analyses of interview talk and talk-in-interaction. This work has informed my work as an instructor, especially the teaching of qualitative interviewing. 

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Kathryn Roulston
College of Education
River's Crossing Building
Athens, GA
Ph.D. The University of Queensland