Moni Basu is an enterprise reporter for CNN Digital, where she is part of a team that’s bringing narrative journalism to a brand best known for breaking news. Before becoming an online journalist, she was a reporter and editor at newspapers for 26 years. Originally from India, Basu has straddled two cultures all her life, and her stories often reflect the complexities of race, ethnicity and identity.

Her work also investigates human resiliency after trauma, an interest that developed from her coverage of conflict zones and natural disasters. She covered the Iraq War and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, for which she won several national awards. She is author of the e-book, Chaplain Turner’s War (Agate Publishing), which grew from her series of stories on an Army chaplain serving in Iraq. When she’s not committing journalism, Basu loves to get on an airplane to see more of the world. She enjoys lazy Sunday mornings, eating biryani and spending time in her native Kolkata. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram as MbasuCNN.

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Moni Basu
M.A-Florida State University