Working in a technology focused field means that as much as I’m teaching I’m also learning because the technology around us is constantly evolving. Whether I learn on my own or learn from my students, I’m constantly pushed to continue discovering. Emerging media and technology continue to hold a growing role in our lives and being at the forefront of discovery is unique.

As a teacher I love being able to share my knowledge and experiences with my students. I’m passionate about invoking inspiration and providing curious minds with the necessary tools for growth and continued exploration. Oftentimes those tools aren’t material things, but rather skills that my students are able to develop so they can continue to seek answers on their own. I strive for all of my students to walk out of the classroom with a fascination for technology and discovery.

My students not only learn how to build digital products, but ask the big questions about how these products work and how they will affect the people using them. Problems are all around us and while I may have an idea of a solution to some problems, I encourage my students to seek out help from other places so that they can develop the skills to solve the problems on their own that they’ll take with them out of the classroom.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and her golden retriever at the beach and beating my friends in Mario Party. While I don’t competitively swim anymore, I still love spending my free time in the water as a swimmer, on deck as a coach, and even as a photographer. I also picked up disc golf in 2019 and have enjoyed developing my skills and watching the sport rapidly grow.

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Tyler Mazurek
New Media Institute