5 Advantages of Taking Online Summer Courses

Registration for summer classes is open and avaliable to all students, and it’s time to start making plans for summer break. The sun and sand may already be calling your name, but take a moment to consider the option of taking courses online for all or part of the summer months. Eighty-six percent of UGA students who graduate in four years take advantage of summer courses and The University of Georgia offers online courses in a variety of programs. Keep in mind these benefits as you consider signing up for online summer courses at UGA.

Catch Up or Move Ahead In Your Program

If you check the summer class listings our the UGA Online Courses Page, chances are good that you’ll find classes that count toward your degree! The courses page allows you to view classes avaliable, the number of spots avaliable, number of credits each class fulfitts, and the professors for the classes. Speak with your academic advisor to pinpoint specific classes you need to complete requirements, or simply take an interesting elective for fun! Summer classes are a great way to catch up if you’re behind in your program. UGA is offering many core classes this summer, so you can register for classes that were full during your fall or spring semesters. On track with your graduation plan? Then summer classes are an excellent way to lighten your class load for the next term, or potentially graduate early!

Convenience and Flexibility

Online courses give you the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of your summer plans, instead of the other way around. You can work a summer job during the day and complete your coursework at night. Lectures and other class materials/assignments are available to you online, so there is no need to worry about fighting traffic, missing important family time, or waking up early for class. Skip the morning grind and complete coursework at your own pace from anywhere in the world!

Open Up Your Fall/Spring for Other Opportunities

When enrolled in summer courses, you can open up your schedule for jobs, extracurriculars and internships. The dash to land internships is less competitive in the fall and spring when most students are on campus, and you may land the internship of your dreams! Graduate students with mandatory practicums or internships can benefit from summer courses in the same way. 

Take Advantage of Shorter Terms

The length of a summer class is shorter than its fall or spring equivalent. Since summer break is about three months long, course content is condensed to fit the length of the term. This allows you to get through classes quickly if you prefer a faster-paced learning experience. It is also helpful if you want to get a specific course or prerequisite out of the way before fall.

Save Money 

Did you know that taking online classes can help you save on student fees and on living expenses? You can study practically anywhere with an internet connection, so no need to worry about commuting and parking costs. If you usually stay at home over the summer, you also can save on the rent and utilities you would pay if you needed to attend courses on campus. The HOPE Scholarship and Pell Grants can also be applied toward summer tuition. Give your wallet a break this summer and spend your money on some fun in the sun instead! 
Online summer classes fill up quickly and registration is already open, so don’t wait! Visit the UGA Summer School and visit our Online Courses Page website for more information.