From the Air Force to UGA—Online MBT student finds mentorship and flexibility valuable.

Gerry Fitch started his IT career in the Air Force—he spent ten years working there and then moved on to work for UGA in 2012 becoming an IT Manager. He earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Emmanuel College. 

The 45-year-old husband and father of three said the University of Georgia has always held a special place in his heart. So when it came time to pursue his Master’s degree in Business and Technology, he had no doubt where he wanted to be. 

“UGA is one of the most prestigious Universities in the country.  Additionally, the online MBT program is highly rated nationally.  I have also been privileged to have been mentored by some incredible people in my time here.  There is no other place else I would want to be,” Fitch said.

For Fitch,  the flexibility of online classes was the only way to fit his work and family life obligations. A traditional learning format would not work for his life.

Fitch found a sense of comradery with the people in his online program, this made the program interesting for Fitch. He did not expect to connect to so many people personally in an online environment. 

For anyone interested in this program, Fitch suggests having a high level of self discipline. While online courses can be harder than in person, he believes them to also be very rewarding. “I believe I am learning more than what is in the coursework. I am learning how to better manage my time, how to adapt to challenges, and how to overcome unforeseen obstacles,” said Fitch. 

The classes Fitch has taken have given him the ability to learn and practice new skills that he could not have achieved on his own. The hands-on guidance provided with new technology in this program has been very beneficial for Fitch. He is able to apply what he has learned to his current job to solve issues and streamline processes more efficiently.

Fitch hopes that with this degree he will not only be able to better his skills and advance his career but also hopes to inspire his children to pursue their educational goals and to never give up on their dreams. 

Fitch plans to use the skills he's learned to continue improving the quality of service his work provides. He plans to continue his education to further his career. Fitch enjoys learning new things and he does not plan on stopping that any time soon.