Connecting with your Classmates: Making Supportive Friendships Online

With technology making communication faster, instantaneous and more personal, it’s now easy to get in touch with your classmates and professors. Although as an online student you don’t see your classmates face-to-face everyday, you still need to communicate and can make friendships. College is the time to make lifelong friends and attending college online should be no different. With Skype, FaceTime and social media, it’s effortless to connect with your classmates. Here are some ways to meet your classmates and keep in touch. 


It’s finally football season, which means there are plenty of opportunities to gather with other UGA fans to cheer on the dawgs. The UGA Alumni Association hosts football game watch parties across the country, in most major cities. Find a game day watching party near you where you can meet other students, alumni and call the dawgs. This weekend is Kentucky vs. UGA and whoever wins this game will go on to play in the SEC Championship.

Class Message Boards

Many students make friends in class through class discussion boards and email. Create an email chain and ask others to join a GroupMe or Slack communication group to discuss upcoming assignments. Groups like this makes it easy to ask questions, discuss studying for exams or communicating for group projects. If there is a chance some of your classmates live nearby; why not meet up to study or just hang out? Find out and reach out to your classmates!

Social Media

Most colleges have social media accounts that students can interact with daily. You can strike up a conversation with other students and alumni or just keep updated on what’s happening in different UGA departments. Like your department major and follow groups of your class year or different groups to keep up with events happening. Of course, UGA Online would love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


The Alumni Association also includes general gathering events onto its calendar. For instance, “Cookies and Cocoa with Hairy Dawg” is happening soon in Atlanta. Events such as online webinars, resume critiques and young alumni social events are available to online alumni abroad. Be on the lookout for events relevant to you so you can meet other dawgs! 

UGA Branded Items

Believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with someone you see wearing UGA clothing. Talk about the latest game, or maybe just shout out a quick “Go Dawgs!” It’s always fun to learn how someone is connected to UGA whether it be they were a student, their parents met at UGA or it’s their favorite college.