Debunking Online Learning Myths

Happy Distance Learning Week! As an online student, people make many assumptions about online colleges and the courses you are taking. Judgements of your courses not being equal as a typical classroom are not true. There are all kinds of myths about online college that are false. Learn about four myths and the actual facts. 

The courses are easier

This is a common myth about online college that is far from the truth. Many believe because you don’t have to sit in a classroom, the courses are easier. People assume the course material is lighter, you turn in simpler assignments and don’t have to take rigorous tests. The truth is online courses are actually just as challenging as a typical classroom. Students have to watch lectures, take notes and still turn in assignments and take tests. The level of difficulty is sometimes higher because you have to stay on top of your assignments more, have many assignments due and discussions in addition to schoolwork.

The courses aren’t structured

Online courses are developed by instructional designers that work with your professor in great detail to develop a course that suits the instruction. The degrees are all ranked, the colleges are accredited and your professors think about the course structure far in advance. They must learn how to operate media creation tools, eLearning modules, video presentations and the e-Learning commons. A syllabi is given and online courses are all developed in advance so you can work on assignments at your own pace.

You don’t connect with others

Many people think as an online student, you don’t interact with others and just turn in your assignments. However, several instructors and professors have discussion boards where students talk about various class topics. Some classes have collaborative projects and Facebook pages or group messages to communicate. Some students even meet up if they live close to other students. Professors are always encouraging students to connect by email, video chat or phone.

Employers are unaccepting of online degrees

This myth is completely inaccurate but it’s also dependent on the university. If you get a degree from a disreputable college, employers will definitely take note. However, receiving an online degree from a prestigious college such as the University of Georgia is looked highly upon. UGA is well-respected and known for being challenging, exceptional and having distinguished professors. Employers rank skills and experience more as opposed to where you received your education.