Dr. John Grable on Finances While Abroad


Dr. John Grable , an online M.S. in Financial Planning professor, was recently featured as an expert for the finance-based app, WalletHub, concerning spending wisely while traveling internationally and using a credit cards. This advice will come in handy for any study abroad trips, family vacations, or solo travelling that you might do this summer.  

The appeal of using credit cards while travelling, especially out of the country, is that international cards have $0 foreign transaction fees and can be used in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. This ease of use can help travellers save money in the long run due to a lack of currency transaction. Additionally, international cards can be a a great source for travel rewards and travel insurance. According to experts, like Dr. John Grable, the best credit card for travel is the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card.

See what the expert had to say:

Q:What’s the most important thing to look for in a credit card for international travel?

What comes to mind is a card that has zero international transaction fees; second, the card should use the prevailing exchange rate for purchases.

Q:What’s the biggest credit card mistake that international travelers make?

A problem is not being aware of hidden charges for foreign purchases; another issue is assuming that foreign countries will accept all US cards.

Q:Would you ever recommend getting an American Express or Discover credit card for international travel?

From personal experience, I know that Discover is not widely accepted in Asia. Visa and MasterCard tend to have better coverage.

Q:Do you know of any international destinations where a U.S. credit card will not work?

No, other than travel and entertainment cards and Discover do have limited acceptance.

The full article and credit card recommendations are available at WalletHub.