Five tips to improve your at home study space

One of the many benefits of being an online student is that you can study and complete assignments anywhere at any time. Although, it is very important to establish a place within your home that is conducive to good study habits. 

Follow these five tips below to increase your productivity:

  1. Have a little bit of noise. Surprisingly enough, a space that is too quiet is not always best for a focused task, especially one that involves creativity. So next time you need to write a paper, try this website to turn your home office into a local cafe. 

  2. Develop an organizational system that works for you. Not all organizational systems will work for all students. You should choose the ones that will work best with your schedule and needs. Keeping an organized study area will help you limit distractions and feel less stressed. 

  3. Make it comfortable, but not too comfortable. Some people work the majority of their lives in sweat pants and a grungy t-shirt; others dress in full business attire before sitting down at the desk in their study. Because you want to enjoy the place where you study, we say be comfortable—but not too comfortable. Change out of your pajamas before you crack open your books to give your mind another signal that this isn’t lounge time, but study time.

  4. Keep your study materials close by. Your study space should be complete with books, flashcards, and whatever else you need for class. It can disrupt your routine if you are in the middle of studying and have to take half an hour to search the house for a book. Having everything within arms’ reach keeps you on task.  

  5. Use air fresheners. Scents can help stimulate your mind. Lemon or cinnamon scents promote concentration and peppermint helps with clear thinking. As an added bonus, smelling the same thing while studying and taking a test can aid in recalling information! 

By following these tips you can improve your study spaces and create better study habits.