How to Help a Friend in Need With Comfort Food

In times when your friend or loved one is sick, in mourning, getting an edible treat in the mail is a sweet surprise—Gift baskets are a great solution. In other cases, Uber Eats, DoorDash or another delivery system may be best to cheer up a friend or family member instantly when they want it. If your friend or family member has a sweet tooth, you can add  in a roll of cookie dough or fudge.

An article on TheWireCutter says if you want to help a friend in need, show you care with food. The article lists examples of dishes and meals to cook that bring comfort or help show support for a friend in need. 

Delivering a home-made dish or edible gift can be the equivalent of saying, “what can I do to help?” 

In a digital era of Uber Eats and other apps, the article addresses creative ways to nourish and help those around you. Comfort foods are recommended and come in a variety of options— black beans and rice with gazpacho for a vegetarian friend, or simply roasted chicken and potatoes for a neighbor. Or something specifically tailored to friends such as a Jewish comfort dish, like brisket or matzo ball soup. 

Elizabeth Andress, online Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition, Community Nutrition program professor, is featured in the article and explains how to make the comfort food you want to gift last.

In order to consider what others truly need, the article suggests cooking foods that can reheat and freeze well for multiple uses. Andress says freezer-specific packaging really does make a difference in preventing freezer burn. For ingredient-specific freezing advice, she recommends consulting the guidelines from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.

TheWireCutter also suggests cooking meals in bulk, if catering to a large family and to be cautious of food allergies and religious restrictions. While food is not the solution for all situations in life—it can show a friend you care and can hopefully bring just the comfort they need.