Meet John Prechtel, Your Distance Librarian

The University of Georgia prides itself on the number of resources that are made available to students–both on campus and online. For one, students on campus have access to a number of libraries in many departments and John Prechtel, UGA’s new distance librarian, is a valuable resource available for all online learning students. 

Prechtel serves in the research and instruction department as a library liaison to the faculty and students. In his role as the distance librarian, he helps online learners use library resources as much as possible in the way that on-campus students do. 

As the distance librarian, Prechtel wears many hats and offers assistance in multiple areas. He is able to assist students in locating and obtaining materials you need for your courses and assist you with your research questions. If you have any questions about library services, he can answer those, and he will also connect you with the best librarian subject-area specialist for in-depth questions.

With extensive knowledge of the business field, Prechtel serves as a subject liaison for the Terry College of Business, and he purchases books for the library in business, economics, and law. He also offers research help in these areas as well as social science data and government information.

University of Georgia Libraries’ will soon bring books to students online and abroad through a new partnership with Google Books where an estimated 120,000 of the Libraries’ 4.5 million volumes will be digitized, granting further access to a variety of books and journals through UGA’s library catalog.

UGA’s recent partnership with Google Books will expand the libraries offerings for online reading materials with millions of volume databases available.

“This project benefits UGA's distance students because it increases the quantity of books, reports, and other documents available directly online as they pursue their research,” John Prechtel, UGA distance librarian says. 

“We’re thrilled about helping to make a large part of the University of Georgia’s rich collection more available to the world, including materials that reflect the history of the American Southeast,” said Google Books partnerships manager Ben Bunnell. “We hope that other great libraries, in the region and elsewhere, will join UGA and Google in this endeavor.”

If you are off campus and are unable to physically visit the Libraries, you’ll need to have the Department of Access Services create a library account for you. To do so, please call Access Services at 706 542-3256. After 5PM and on weekends, call 706 542-0641.

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