MFP Student Hattie Hutson Able to Better Help Clients With Knowledge Gained in Online Classes

With a full-time job and a busy schedule, Hattie Hutson was looking for a way to expand her knowledge without having to drop everything to go to school. Hutson found the perfect compromise in UGA’s online Master of Financial Planning degree program.

“I already work as a financial planner and a financial advisor now, and I got my undergrad degree in finance. So, I was kinda just looking for something I could do online that would allow me to still work,” explained Hutson.

Hutson got her undergraduate degree in finance from West Virginia University and resides there today. She is grateful that she can attend UGA online and live and work elsewhere.

“Actually, my boss was the one who suggested UGA. He had seen an advertisement for it, so I decided to go with that,” said Hutson. “Ultimately, I wanted to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), so I just felt like this program would really prepare me for that.”

Already, Hutson has noticed an impact on her career. Even though she has approximately a year left in the program, the classes she’s taken have helped her advise clients.

“My favorite part [about the degree program] so far has been furthering my knowledge in the area, and I can definitely tell through my job that it has helped me with clients and the different financial questions they have,” she said.

Above all, Hutson is happy she’s taken this step in her career.

“It’s worth it,” Hutson said.