Online Summer Courses Filling Up Quickly

With just two months until Summer, it’s time to start thinking of what courses would best fit your summer schedule. Summer courses are just flexible enough to plan around your travel, internship or work plans. However, they fill up quickly, so consider now what classes are the best fit for you and register now. 

Here is a list of online summer classes filling up quickly due to high demand, including their course description:

Graphic Communications, ADPR 3520E

Students gain the skills to design messages for particular audiences and to prepare designs correctly for print, digital, and social environments. Students learn to analyze and to use the principles of design, typography, layout, color theory, art and illustration, and copyright law.

PR Ethics, Diverse Cultures, and Cross-Cultural Leadership, ADPR 7930E

Examines the intersection of public relations ethics in communicating with domestic and global multicultural publics. Case studies and theory are applied to contemporary situations exploring how economics and politics affect issues of inclusion, corporate purpose, communication, and leadership across cultures. Considerations for avoiding marginalization are analyzed.

Research Methods in Agricultural Education, ALDR 8200E

Theory and design of research problems in agricultural education; communication of research proposal and results of research; evaluation of current research of faculty and students; review of current research literature.

Principles of Accounting II, ACCT 1160E

The scientific study of language, emphasizing such topics as the organization of grammar, language in space and time, and the relationship between the study of language and other disciplines.

Introduction to Africa, AFST 2100E

The history, physical environment (landforms, vegetation, and climate) and sociocultural environment (artistic, political, and social development) of Africa.

American Sign Language I, AMSL 1010E

Basics of American Sign Language (ASL) and people who use it. Explores historical markers in development of ASL and deaf culture values. Examines attitudes and dispels misconceptions. Emphasizes interpersonal communication through language functions in interactive contexts.

Introduction to Anthropology, ANTH 1102E

This course covers four themes. First, culture is a socially- constructed phenomenon based on learned categories and norms. Second, people exist and are different due to evolution and environmental adaptation. Third, people organize themselves through institutions of family, law, government, and religion. Fourth, anthropology works to solve human-environmental problems.

Art Appreciation, ARTS 2000E

Understanding painting, sculpture, architecture, and design to enhance aesthetic appreciation.

Cultural Diversity in American Art, ARTS 2050E

Past and present art created by African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans.

Intermediate Biostatistics for Public Health Sciences, BIOS 3000E

A survey of statistical methods, with applications in public health and the biological sciences, including multiple regression, clinical trials, analysis of variance, categorical data analysis, and logistic regression. Motivating examples are drawn from public health and biomedicine.

Online courses have limited seats available. Classes fill up quickly, so these courses and others may not be accepting registration for long!

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