Student Spotlight: Cassie Alexander

The UGA Online Learning office has been interviewing and featuring current students and alumni as an ongoing series of Student Spotlights. The subject of this interview is Cassie Alexander, an online student currently pursuing her Master of Science from the College of Pharmacy’s Biomedical Regulatory Sciences program. The IBRS is now accepting spring 2020 applicants. This spotlight explores the challenges and rewards of earning a degree online. 

Q: What specific degree(s) completed at UGA?

I am currently working on my Masters of Science in the College of Pharmacy’s International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences program.

Q: What made you decide to pursue this Master in Regulatory Science? And what was your education history beforehand? 

I decided to pursue this Masters in Science because I knew it would help me learn about areas of the industry in which I have not yet worked.  Prior to UGA, I received a Bachelors from Emory University in Chemistry and Philosophy. I knew I wanted to pursue an advanced degree once I graduated from Emory, but the Masters program focused on Regulatory Sciences at UGA was the first program I found that really piqued my interest.  

Q: How did you find the experience of completing a degree online? 

Being able to work on my degree online has been a major factor that has allowed me to enroll in this program since I work full time. The online learning system is easy to use and I really appreciate the different tools available for lectures and online class meetings.  Being able to effectively work independently and manage my time has been key in getting the most out of the online program. 

Q: What are you hoping to achieve in the future with your degree? 

I am hoping my degree helps me support successful development and launch of new products.  It has already helped me in my current position with some product development and lifecycle management. 

Q: What is/was the most rewarding aspect of belonging to this program?  

The most rewarding aspect of belonging to this program is being able to directly apply my learnings at work.

Q: What would you say to someone that is interested in pursuing this degree/any online degree at UGA? 

I tell people that are interested in this program that it is a diverse program with very knowledgeable and experienced professors. The tools UGA provides for the online courses are easy to use, but the UGA staff is always available to help if there are questions.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add about your work at UGA? 

Like many people, I was a little hesitant to get back into school after being out of school for so long, especially since I work full time.  The content and structure of this program has made going back to school more rewarding and manageable than I anticipated.

Learn more about the Biomedical Regulatory Sciences degree at the UGA Online site.