Surge in Demand for Health Science Professionals

Although unemployment in the U.S. continues to rise, critical healthcare professions are in high demand. The outstanding need for healthcare professionals won't disappear once the new Corona virus has been contained. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) described healthcare as the fastest growing field in the United States prior to the pandemic. Under these new circumstances, the increase in demand for healthcare workers is surging. Healthcare is considered recession-proof and is expected to grow more than any other industry over the next decade.

Still, healthcare workers are represented in the current national spike in unemployment. Many healthcare services, including dentistry and chiropractic, are deemed essential, but canceled elective procedures, diagnostics, and appointments have caused layoffs and furloughs at some hospitals and clinics. Clearly, healthcare isn't immune to the current crisis. That said, the number of healthcare employees out of work due to COVID-19 is just a small fraction of the number projected to be employed in healthcare in the coming decade.

Across the country, the heroic efforts of healthcare workers are being recognized. For current and prospective healthcare students, the pandemic offers a vivid preview of the challenges and rewards of their future careers. Forced to cope with limited personnel and resources, hospitals nationwide are struggling to provide adequate care for coronavirus patients. At the same time, the crisis has served to highlight how vital healthcare workers are to the overall economy.

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