Taking Advantage of Student Discounts

As a college student, your bank account is already tight because of student loans and other payments. Thankfully, many businesses offer student discounts for you to receive a reduced or free product or service. Even if you’re an online student, you can still receive all of the University of Georgia’s discounts. Many UGA courses offer open educational resources and free or reduced textbooks. 

Take advantage of your student discounts!

For most discounts, all you need is your UGA email. However, if you’re an online student and want to access discounts that require an identification card, UGA offers photo-less IDs that can be shipped to you for $20 and $1 for shipping. To order an ID, use the code UGAOL2018.

From movie theatres to retail companies, there are many student discounts available to you. Here are some student discounts for you to take advantage of.

Adobe Creative Cloud: You can receive $20 per month for all Creative Cloud apps as opposed to $53. If you’re wanting to gain more photography, design and illustration skills, consider purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud.

Amazon: As a UGA student, Amazon Prime is given to you for free for an entire year. Once that ends, you can join Amazon Prime Student which is only $59 a year, as opposed to $99. With Amazon Prime, you can receive free two-day shipping, unlimited movies and shows, unlimited music streaming, unlimited reading on any device and free unlimited photo storage.

Groupon: Groupon offers an extra 25 percent off local deals for your first six months as a UGA student. After six month ends, you still get 15 percent off local deals as long as you’re a college student.

Lynda: As a UGA student, you have access to all of lynda.com’s high-quality video tutorials taught by top industry leaders for free. Courses include InDesign, Excel, WordPress and HTML.

Microsoft Office Suite: You can now download and install Office 365 ProPlus software through your UGAMail account for free. You can download and install the latest, full version on up to ten personal devices.

New York Times: Keep up to date with the latest news with a free subscription to the New York Times and eligible apps using your UGA ID.

Spotify: For a year, get half off of Spotify Premium and Hulu for $4.99 a month as a student. Stream your favorite songs and watch shows and movies. After a year, Spotify Premium is $9.99 a month.

Lastly, many insurance companies, cell phone providers, movie theaters and retail companies offer discounts. Be sure to ask for student discounts any time you are shopping to make the most bang for your buck!