UGA grad continues her education while employed at the university

University of Georgia Alumna, Annaleah Phillips, decided to continue her education with the Online Masters of Science in Comparative Biomedical Sciences program offered through the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

Annaleah Phillips, Masters in Comaparative Biomedical Sciences. Phillips is holding a bunny on campus. Phillip’s graduated from the University of Georgia in the fall of 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science and a minor in Dairy Science. She was employed at the UGA College of Veterinary  Medicine Animal Resources while working on her Bachelor's degree and went on to work in a full-time position with the College’s Central Animal Facility upon graduation.   

Phillips employment and past instruction within the university aided her in her choice of selecting an online program at UGA. She recognized that the online aspect of the program would fit perfectly with her work schedule at the Animal Facility. as well as the fact that the program would help her obtain the core knowledge that she needed for her future employment. 

“This program interested me because its goal of preparing me for professional school was exactly what I was looking for. I have been able to develop skills and knowledge that will help me succeed in the future of my professional career,” said Phillips.

As a full-time employee, Phillips believed the online degree program would help her progress in her education while still working. Phillips utilizes the UGA Tuition Assistance Program which allows her to work while also paying for her school. 

Phillips encourages students who have other commitments outside of school to take online courses. The flexibility allows for students to continue their education while also maintaining responsibilities that they may have within their family or work. 

When asked how the program has benefited her, Phillips says that she believes she has been able to study and learn about core subjects that she will encounter in her future education and work. 

After graduation, Phillips plans to attend a veterinary school where she can continue to expand her knowledge for her future career in Veterinary Medicine. She hopes that after completing this program and gaining a Master’s degree she will become a more desirable candidate for veterinary school. 

“I hope to prepare myself as much as possible as I apply to veterinary school. I hope that this program will help me to become a more competitive applicant, and help me have a strong foundation as I enter professional school,” said Phillips.