UGA master’s student is inspired to push past own limitations in online program

As a marketing professional, Natasha Busie wanted to deepen her understanding of emerging media and how it affects people’s decision-making. She had worked as the Marketing Director for the Calhoun Chick-fil-A before becoming the Marketing Communication Manager for the SHOWA Group which is a company that makes personal protective equipment.

“The convergence of User Experience (UX), design, and technology were three areas that constantly overlapped in my workflows,” said Busie. “Improving my skills and knowledge in all of these areas was something I had thought about for a few years.”

Busie is currently pursuing her online Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication, Emerging Media offered through Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication while also contracting for Chick-fil-A Inc.

She chose to study online so that she could maintain her commitments, work, and family life. “It is quite amazing to think of the opportunities that technology allows us to do that were unattainable just one decade ago,” said Busie. 

The program is designed to understand and use interactive digital media including mobile app design, digital storytelling, product ideation, and UX. Busie notes, “the most fascinating aspect of this program is the need to deeply understand people, their internal motivators, and mannerisms when it comes to making decisions and taking actions.”

Busie remarks that “with each course, I feel like my skills and understanding grow exponentially. Many of the processes and concepts taught in these courses involve 'emerging' technologies and incorporating the social adjustments in response to these technologies, for example, the emergence of social media marketing and its effects on technology, design, and marketing opportunities.”

Busie’s long-term goal is to have a long career doing work that is innovative, exciting and purposeful. She hopes to be in a position that could inspire others to do their best work and love what they do. 

Busie urges anyone who is interested in technology, design, and people to enroll in the online Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication, Emerging Media program. 

“My journey with EM (emerging media) up to this point has positioned me to learn from experts in the field as well as in the 'virtual classroom'. I've learned so much and been inspired to push past my own limits to attain excellence in all of my projects,” said Busie. “This skill and the many others I'm learning to craft well will serve me well for the rest of my professional and personal endeavors.”