UGA OneCard with photo now available to online UGA students

The University of Georgia has launched a newly designed resource for online and UGA students. In place of the regular student ID, UGA has announced the UGA OneCard as the official identification card for students, faculty, staff, official campus visitors, and their dependents.

The benefits of a student ID include access to professional conferences, discounts on shopping, events and programs. Many businesses offer students discounts for a service or product if you present your student ID card.

The UGA OneCard and all it’s benefits are available to UGA Online Students as well. 

"This is great news for our online students; the good part is that our students can now have a photo ID Card instead of a non-photo ID Card. And, the process to obtain a card is the same,” Sharon Shannon, Student Support Services & State Authorization Coordinator said.

You can order your UGA OneCard online for a cost of $30.00. You will upload a photo of your government-issued photo ID and a passport-style headshot photo. Upon approval, you will receive an email with a payment link. After you submit your payment, you must send an email to with your mailing address so that we will know to ship your card to you.

Services that require the photo UGA OneCard may also require assessment of additional student fees that aren’t normally assessed to Online Students, so please check with the service provider you are interested in. Please visit for more information.

"Having a photo ID card is important to our online students and makes them feel a part of the UGA community. They’ve always had the same benefits, but it’s nice to have their photo on their UGA Card,” Shannon said.

To find more information on the UGA OneCard, look here.