UGA online masters student works in COVID unit while earning her degree

Madeline Neely earned her bachelor’s degree from Hendrix College located in Conway, Arkansas in 2019. Upon graduation, Neely began working at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis as a patient care technician on a Transitional Care Unit. Within the past year this unit has been turned into the dedicated COVID-19 unit of the hospital. 

Madeline Neely; Master of Science in Comparative Biomedical SciencesNeely is pursuing an online Masters of Science in Comparative Biomedical Sciences offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine.  

Neely was drawn to the online program because of its duration, flexibility, and coursework. She also appreciates that she is able to remain at her current address without having to move to Athens. 

Another big selling point for Neely in her decision to study in the online program was the courses that were available.

Neely says that “I found the topics to be something that I actually wanted to learn about and not just some classes I was being required to take. The information I have learned will also be applicable in further studies and I can use the knowledge that I have gained through this program to build on in later studies.” 

Neely encourages other students considering online classes to be driven while enrolled. The flexibility of an online course should not be confused with a class that can be taken less seriously. She urges students to take responsibility in their classes to make sure that they are keeping track of their due dates, lectures and studying. 

“They are challenging and you have to work hard and stay motivated but it is definitely doable,” said Neely. 

The biggest takeaway from the online program for Neely is the information she has gained from her courses. She was able to form a strong foundation that will help her in her future studies, as she continues to expand upon her knowledge. 

Neely hopes to continue her education at the School of Echocardiography through Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City. After that she plans on applying for different Cardiovascular Perfusion programs throughout the country. 

Neely makes sure to comment on the outstanding performance of her professors in her program. She brags on their extreme helpfulness, responsiveness and the individualized care that they gave to their students. She feels that her professors showed that they had a genuine desire for their students' success and made a positive impact on her life through the short time she has known them.  

Neely says “It really makes a difference when your professors clearly know what they are talking and teaching about and are actually passionate about the information being presented to their students.”