UGA Receives Ninth Consecutive Annual Award for Diversity

For the ninth year in a row, INSIGHT into Diversity has recognized UGA with their Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award. The award is presented to the colleges and universities that exhibit significant efforts and success in diversity and inclusion.

UGA adopted a Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Plan in 2021 and has established a mission to foster diversity and inclusion. The plan is founded on 11 goals with key performance indicators to measure progress over the plan’s five year timeline. It attempts to build an inclusive living and learning environment, recruit a diverse workforce and expand partnerships and outreach to strengthen diverse communities.

In order to see the plan become a reality, UGA has created action steps to support the current goals of the plan. An example of this can be seen in the university’s commitment to addressing the increased demand for need-based student scholarships. This demand led to intentional investment in the Georgia Commitment Scholarship program which has contributed to 650 need-based scholarships since 2017. 

Another example can be seen in the university’s Road Dawgs program, which aims to increase recruitment of rural and racially diverse students.

The University of Georgia’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is a long-standing commitment. The university committed to creating equal opportunities for all students, and the impact of this is evidenced by the awards received for these efforts every year since 2014.

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