Your Complete Guide to Spring Applications

Spring applications for UGA’s online programs are just around the corner and due on November 15, 2018. Only a select few programs are accepting applications for spring admission. Applying for graduate school can be overwhelming. Each program has specific requirements, test scores and information requests. Here is a complete guide so you are prepared for a successful application submission! Good luck, dawgs! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to submit official transcripts with my application? No, the official transcripts are required if you are accepted for admission by the Graduate School.

  2. What test scores are required? Most programs accept the GRE or Miller Analogy Test (MAT) scores and some don't require the GRE or MAT. Send less than five years old, recent, official entrance test scores to the Graduate School.

  3. Is there a preferred GPA or test score that the college is looking for? Most programs are looking for a specific test score and GPA from applicants. View the different program admission requirements to view their acceptances. You can always retake tests to improve your score and work towards your ideal score. 

  4. How can I stay organized for the application? Create a tracking document for all schools that you are considering and list deadlines, required documents, online application links. Verify that information is received by the school. Most offer online systems, so set a date to check that your documents are a part of your application. Track the decision dates for the school and log into the system to check your status. Celebrate the decision!

  5. How early do I need to turn in my application? Submitting early gives the admissions office time to receive and post all your documents to your file. Submit before the deadline when possible. This way, you have a window of opportunity to handle any technical issues that may happen. If you need to submit letters of recommendation, give your recommenders plenty of time to submit their information. Confirm the receipt of the letter before the admissions deadline.