I view teaching and learning as two ends of a bridge that connects teachers and students by means of delivering unfamiliar concepts from one end to the other. While teachers must take responsibility for the learning environment, learners cannot be passive recipients of information.

Student-centered learning is a critical part of my teaching style. More importantly, I believe a good teacher must have passion of being dedicated to students and must be prepared to devote time and energy to them. The enthusiasm of a motivated teacher will inspire and encourage students to learn.

I obtained my undergraduate degree and my first M.S. in Environmental Engineering. Since then I have worked in wastewater treatment for some years before re-entering school to study food science and technology. I received my second M.S. in Food Science from North Dakota State University, and Ph.D. in Food Engineering from Washington State University.

I attained postdoctoral training at the University of California, Davis, where my work involved development of artificial stomach models for the study of food digestion. My research interests at UGA include design of microencapsulation delivery systems, bioaccessibility and bioavailability of nutrients and bioactives as affected by matrix structure of the food and value-added food processing technology.

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Fanbin Kong, Ph.D.
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Department of Food Science & Technology
Athens, GA
Ph.D., Washington State University
Area of Study: