I hope that students will increase their understanding of child nutrition programs and their appreciation for the field of school nutrition.

I have worked in school nutrition for the past 14 years. I believe it is the perfect mix of leadership, nutrition science, food service management and hospitality. It is a wonderful career choice because it allows you to grow in many academic and management areas while really making a difference.

Feeding children and helping them to grow up healthy and ready to learn is an extremely rewarding experience. My parents are both retired teachers and they instilled in me this belief: to teach effectively you must teach the “what, how and why.” In my years as a training specialist and dietetic preceptor, I’ve leaned on this skill and find that it is most effective in teaching others so that they can succeed.

Shani Hall, RDN, LD
College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Athens, GA
  • MS Human Nutrition, University of Alabama ‘10
  • BS Dietetics, Florida State ‘94
Area of Study: 
Nutritional Sciences