Photo of Chris Sparks, Instructional Designer
Chris Sparks
Instructional Designer
Dr. Sparks received his Ph.D. in anthropology from Texas A&M University. He has conducted over a decade of research in the Republic of Korea focused on identity, education, and development. Prior to joining UGA he was an assistant professor of community and international development during which time he served as a researcher with the New Village Research Institute and volunteered as a director of development for the Korea Ssireum Association, a non-profit national sports management group for Korea’s traditional sport of ssireum. His experience in knowledge sharing and localization lead to the first major English language work on ssireum, as well as several editions of Ssireum: The Living Culture. Chris also draws upon his experience in systems administration, graphic design, and public speaking to improve the production and delivery of online educational experiences here at UGA so that they are more engaging, more relevant, and more successful for everyone involved.
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