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My passion is community engagement work and I believe that higher education is in the best position to assist in tackling with community many of the problems in our global society. It is a neutral space where dialogue can occur.

Diann Jones

Clinical Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

My current research interests include the role of leadership in institutionalizing community engagement, managing change and transitions and strategies for contributing to an organization’s long-term sustainable growth.

LLOD’s mission resonates with me, “We develop leaders and scholars with deep knowledge of learning and change so we can transform their worlds.”  As I was drawn more deeply into community engagement, I saw the possibility it held to “transform” and improve our world. Our program is exciting because the knowledge can be applied across many disciplines and fields. It is transferable and makes it exciting to teach students from varied backgrounds.

I see great value for individuals achieving personal, meaningful achievement. In my opinion, reflection starts here in creating lifelong learners because individuals learn to seek out broader perspectives. As a facilitator for this discovery to occur, I take my role seriously in creating learning environments to make this happen.

Additionally, I use various teaching modes to allow my students opportunities to experience a variety of different teaching methods and to determine how they learn best. Furthermore, as a teacher and professional, I am able to continually develop my expertise to provide the best instruction to my students.

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